Pop Quiz-Bravery Edition

Question 1:  You have two baskets of laundry:

2 laundry baskets

You know that the laundry in one of these baskets is clean, and the laundry in the other one is dirty.  The problem is, you can’t remember which is which.  Do you

A) Sniff check

B) Wash them both, just in case

C) Burn down the laundry room and start a new life somewhere in Toronto


Question 2: You find this lunch bag in the back seat of your car:

lunch box

Summer break started three weeks ago.  The lunch bag looks fine on the outside, but it definitely has something inside.  Do you

A) Open it

B) Throw it away

C) Burn down the car and start a new life somewhere in Toronto


Question 3:

You are chilling on your patio when you notice this friendly visitor:


Image credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pantherophis_obsoletus**

You are certain that he/she is a harmless black snake who is probably eating mice and other rodent-like pests.  Do you:

A) For goodness sake, calm down.  It’s just a snake.  I mean, obviously, you can never go into the backyard again, but I’m sure the front yard is perfectly safe.

B) Freak out, Old-Testament-Apocalypse style.  Abandon the children.  Every man for himself.  Order bottled water and food from Amazon.  Tell remaining children they are homeschoolers now.

C)  Burn it down. Toronto.

If you answered:

Mostly A’s:  You’re brave.  Probably the bravest person that any of your friends know.  You probably don’t even freak out when there is a spider in the car.  You probably just keep driving along calmly.  How do you do that? Without people like you in the world, so many things would never get done.  Your best career matches include ghost hunting, shark wrestling, and beekeeping.

Mostly B’s:  You’re not brave.  You spend a lot of time running through worst case scenarios in your mind.  You panic every time there is a new disease.  You probably have a bug-out-bag and at least three first aid kits.  Without you, brave people would have nobody to protect, and there would be nobody to keep the world safe with their obsessive worrying.  Your best job matches include risk assessor, safety inspector, and claims adjuster.

Mostly C’s:  You’re just kidding.  Haha! Right?  If not, you should probably talk to somebody.  Your best job matches include comedian, Toronto mascot, or (hopefully not) pyromaniac.

*We had a snake in our yard a few weeks ago.  I was in no way brave enough to get close enough to take a picture like this.  This picture is from Wikipedia*

If anyone is wondering, I am not brave.


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